MixBOT in CS:GO Tournament

An PERFECT Solution for organizing and holding event with MixBOT

MixBOT for CS:GO Tournament

MixBOT is a third-party gaming platform for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, other than matchmaking platform that we well-known for. MixBOT is also featuring CS:GO tournament supported system for both Online and Offline(LAN) tournament.

Why must i choose MixBOT?

The development team of MixBOT are experienced in tournament setup for other CS:GO events; We deeply knows how painful and frustrated it is to setup everything, the servers , the map veto , also the possibilities of cheating or using the system that is not reliable at all and such. That's the one of the reason that MixBOT were created - Providing the ultimate solution for tournament organiziner. Allow you to holding CS:GO Online or Offline tournament/events at ease with MixBOT powered!

Special Feature:

Full-scale statistical data tracking in REAL-TIME
Anti-cheats Protection
Valve-Tournament-like Map vetoing system for BO1/BO2/BO3/BO5
Complete round/match data backup/restore system
LAN Event control system for iPad/Tablet (Pause/Unpause/Restore match data/etc)
and other customized feature upon request...

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